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Plate Pieces

A staple of Ron Schmidt’s nail sculpture design is the “Plated Pieces”
These beautifully crafted sculptures are characterized by the numerous squares in their design, where some squares are filled in with steel plates.
About half of Ron Original’s plate pieces feature steel plates that are adorned with designs such as brass or steel curves, and copper or brass shavings. The other half are adorned with lively shades of blue, red, purple and green.

Achieved by melting a variety of alloys at various temperatures. These pieces are available in various sizes to fit any room’s décor, and even in groupings, for when you really want to make a statement. They are also lightweight enough to make hanging them on your walls simply a breeze. You’ll never need to find a wall stud to hang one of these pieces!

Ron’s Originals even offers custom work, so you can order a truly special piece, made with your specifications and Ron Schmidt’s decades of experience and craftsmanship. Don’t wait any longer to have one of these gorgeous pieces adorn your room.

Rolling Ridge SS (PO)

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Size: 42" x 75"
Curved Nails

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