While the world around us echoes our modern-day customs, working with metal using age-old traditions still plays an important role in the world of art. Creating each beautifully intricate piece from common cut steel nails, Ron Schmidt’s creations are a reflection of his unrivaled artistic vision.

The Michigan native has been an innovator in the field of dimensional art since the 1960’s, but it wasn’t until late in that decade that he began working with metals and a welding torch. The result was the creation of abstract sculptures that have graced the walls of countless homes, businesses and of exclusive art galleries all around the country.

Ron Schmidt’s work utilizes such a unique combination of artistic design, geometric form and high quality braze, that it has earned him the well-deserved title of “The King of the Nail Sculptors” amongst his peers. Rising above the label of just decorative art, his sculptures are individually created and unique, since no molds are used.

No matter which piece you choose, it will be completely one of a kind. Each wall hanging utilizes brazing alloys such as nickel silver and silicone bronze to transform a simple collection of common cut steel nails into a beautiful work of art. The pieces then undergo a finely tuned finishing process where they are masterfully glass-bead blasted, wire brushed and coated with protective sealant for a maintenance free finish. The result is a testament to the craftsmanship through which each piece is created.

Many pieces are available with multiple hanging hooks, which means you can hang them horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally to suit your décor. Ron Schmidt pieces are lightweight enough that you can easily hang one in your favorite room, without even needing to locate a stud on the wall!

Each piece can be customized with a powder coating allowing it to withstand the elements, should the perfect place for your “Ron Originals” sculpture be outside. Available in any combination of brass, copper or steel, in various sizes and even in groupings, “Ron Originals” designs are the perfect addition to any décor!! When you’re looking to add a touch of class, elegance and artistic flare to your home, office or any space that needs it, you can never go wrong with a Ron Schmidt original. Order yours online today!

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